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Stranded Angels, The Arabian Nights get turned sideways by some stranded aliens

Stranded Angels, The Arabian Nights get turned sideways by some stranded aliens

Guerilla Girl, a science fiction eBook by John Bowers. 2nd in the Starport series

A Bullet for Brazio, a police-procedure murder mystery

The Land Behind the Veil Series, in one volume

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UF Marshal Nick Walker's first assignment could be his last
Can Deila and Jamie get Falimar to his unicorn home without being caught by the Fadrel?
How Zack got his ship, 'The Profit'
Two boys fall afoul of a drug running operation on Altair
Enterprising aliens kidnap 2 humans & get more than they bargained for
The planet Askelon has an energy crisis
Brother Brude brings Christianity to the Scotish Picts. A dangerous undertaking
Oliver is caught in the middle of an intersteallar war.


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