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AKW books :: -Political Fiction

Political fiction eBooks for all ages. Children, youngsters, adults.

Some of the best stories on the market today. Refreshingly original in scope and content. Online preview, user reviews and ratings.

-Political Fiction
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Famine Planet
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Famine Planet

Forces are conspiring to bring Askelon down once and for all. A grassroots revolution on the farm planet
of Agricor threatens the food supply of the entire Trimary System, as well as 16 worlds beyond the nebula. If the rebels seize control of Agricor, billions of people could starve.

Market price: $4.95
price: $2.99 save 40%

Guerrilla Girl
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Guerrilla Girl

A dishonored spy who wants to go home, a village girl who wants to be a soldier, a disgraced ex-president wants his power back, a newly-minted army private makes it into the elite 14th Star Infantry, and a manipulative trillionaire, all come together in this exciting interstellar political thriller.

Market price: $4.95
price: $2.99 save 40%

KGB In High Heels
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KGB In High Heels

When Yuri Andropov blackmailed Valentina for a KGB project, neither knew what a mess she would make of it.>

As the body count mounts and spies from 3 agencies chase her, Valentina wonders if she will survive.

A best seller in Russia and Israel! Made into a TV series!

Market price: $5.62
price: $2.99 save 47%

Prisoners of Eroak
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Prisoners of Eroak

The war on Agricor is over and lost and thousands of captive Askeloni have been transported to prisons on cold, gloomy Eroak. Carlene Vargas is also a captive, enslaved to Shoho as a concubine.

With the traitor,  Marco, now president of Askelon, the outlook for everyone i...

Market price: $4.95
price: $2.99 save 40%

See details

It's election season on Askelon and the opposition will do anything necessary to win the presidency.


War. Sex. Politics. Religion.
Some idiots always insist on doing the right thing.
Starport. Youve never read anything remotely like it.

Market price: $4.95
price: $0.99 save 80%

The President's Kidnapped
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The President's Kidnapped

The President of the USA has been kidnapped! Hes held in an abandoned lodge near Joe's cabin along with another victim, a beautiful raven-haired pilot. Its up to Joe to rescue them.

Unfortunately, Joe has fallen in love and its clouding his judgment.

Market price: $3.45
price: $2.99 save 13%

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