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AKW books :: -Young Adult

Stories for teens and young adults (and the young at heart).

May contain sexual situations, but nothing graphic. May contain non-graphic violence and tense situations (check ratings before purchasing) and other "edgy" material. Some books will not be suitable for children or mid-grades.

-Young Adult
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AGF: The Gathering
See details
AGF: The Gathering

On another world, a young thief and a strong man start a small business staging “all challenger” fights. From this small start, springs a one-of-a-kind adventure as they travel through a crumbling empire filled with bandits, corruption, danger, and opportunities.

Market price: $4.95
price: $3.95 save 20%

See details

Tito, a Denver Dwarf, wanted for unlawful welfare evasion, dodges mechanized C.O.P.S. which attempt to return him to the tender mercies of city welfare homes and dead end vocational training.

His life was fairly hectic until he met Charlie. Then it became more exiting and difficult.

Market price: $4.95
price: $3.99 save 19%

BrownBird's Luck
See details
BrownBird's Luck

In a misty land, lived a child, her lineage as mysterious as the mountain range that loomed over the valley where she lived. “Dark Weaver” wove her father’s flax into tapestries, some with strange powers.

It all changed when a foal born to the dray horse was taken from them by an ev...

Market price: $3.30
price: $0.99 save 70%

See details

Zac lived a mundane life -- until he met Lea.

Doc Skinner needed one thing to defend the world from his son. He needed a special individual with a special trait— he needed Zac!

His abilities make him a hero. But that doesn’t mean he'll survive.

Market price: $4.99
price: $3.99 save 20%

Inner Unicorn
See details
Inner Unicorn

Deila, Jaime, and Falimar have been thrown out of Brodantia and Falimar has been turned back into a common horse by Lightningbolt. Things can't get any worse. But they do when the three are captured by dwarves under the supervision of Skalle, hauled back home, and sold to the Rivermaster as slaves.

Market price: $6.25
price: $4.45 save 29%

Joseph Lexxus and the Drug Runners of Altair
See details
Joseph Lexxus and the Drug Runners of Altair

When Joseph Lexxus’ dad took Joseph and his best friend, P.C. to Altair 2 on police business, neither boy could have guessed they’d be plunged into the middle of a drug smuggling operation. Then, when Joseph’s dad is reported missing, the boys find themselves on their own.

Market price: $3.50
price: $0.99 save 72%

Journey to Brodantia
See details
Journey to Brodantia

Pursued by their parents and the evil unicorn, Dark Storm, Deila and Jaime flee with Falimar in search of Brodantia, the land behind the Veil.

Market price: $6.15
price: $3.99 save 35%

Storm Coming
See details
Storm Coming

Pursued by CorpSecurity and abandoned by League Patrol, they defy the codes they hold dear to seek justice.

price: $3.99

Stranded Angels
See details
Stranded Angels

Ali has a going trading business with 3 mules to carry his goods. Okay, except for the thieves who raid the countryside, and the visitors from space who have a secret cave in the mountains, diamonds, and a problem for Ali to solve. The reward may be tremendous — if Ali can survive.

Market price: $3.99
price: $2.99 save 25%

The Land Behind the Veil series
See details
The Land Behind the Veil series

Kriss Erickson's highly acclaimed, "Land Behind the Veil" series in one volume (well, the first 3 books; she may write more).

Market price: $7.97
price: $4.99 save 37%

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