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AKW books :: -Science Fiction :: The Fighter Queen

The Fighter Queen
The Fighter Queen
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The exciting conclusion to The Fighter Queen saga.

“Fast paced and interesting.” –DS Schertz

Twenty years after she enlisted in the UF Space Force, Onja Kvoorik is the most wanted woman in the galaxy.  The Sirian Confederacy has put a price on her head: ten million sirios, dead or alive.  But the Fighter Queen can’t stop yet.  As a terrified 12 year-old in the Temple of Sophia, she vowed before the goddess to find and free her mother and sister, both slaves of Sirius.

The war has crossed the galaxy, but the Confederacy is deadlier than ever.  The next campaign will be against Vega 3, where she hopes to find her father still alive; and if she survives that one, the final invasion – the Sirian home world, where her mother and sister disappeared 27 years ago.

Will she be able to fulfill her vow to Sophia, or has time run out on her scattered family? It’s been a long war, and Onja has survived some close calls, with the hottest fighting still ahead.

But she has a new pilot now, a natural-born stick; his name is Johnny Lincoln II.

“If you love drama, action, intrigue and sex, then you will love these books.” –Ben Brown

“Hold on to your panic bar and take a ride with The Fighter Queen if you can handle it.” –Al K

114,000 words (roughly equivalent to 430 pages in mass market paperback format)

Rated "R"

This book is the fifth and final book of the Fighter Queen saga. The books in the series may be read in any order (each is complete within itself), but if you wish to read them in chronological order for the best experience, we suggest:

1. The Fighter King
2. The Sword of Sophia
3. A Vow to Sophia
4. Star Marine
5. The Fighter Queen

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Author John Bowers
Audience Rating R
Price: $2.99



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Product rating



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Customer Reviews

Author: Al Philipson
Bowers hits another homer. Well extrapolated from A Vow to Sophia, his heroin, Onja, is still fighting her personal demons along with the Serians. Bowers is one of the few authors who seems to be able to keep up with Bruce Davis where action scenes occur. And there's plenty of action in Fighter Queen.

Author: Jennifer Shaw
I loved it! The second book didn't stray from the first and sounds like it is leading into the third book without taking away anything from the second. Creates a big picture without taking anything away from what is going on right now in this book.

Author: Harry Mason
This is intelligent action set in futuristic worlds that only a superior imagination could create. The worlds, characters and action are so real, I want to go there. But only after Onja has quelled the Sirians.

Author: Ben Brown
The Fighter Queens is the last book in an epic saga written by the prolific author, John Bowers. As with all the other books in the series, this book didn’t disappoint. It was full of the usual action, as you would expect from this author. However, it also rounded out the whole series nicely, which is what many final books don’t do.
If you have read all the books, and I hope you have, then you would have developed a few questions along the way. For example, whatever happened to some of the characters? Were they killed? Did they get captured? This book answers all of those questions, and many more. Furthermore, many of the less likable characters finally get their come-uppances. I won’t give anything away, but I loved the way certain characters, who had gotten away with blue-murder, finally paid for their years of less than good behavior.
If you have read all the reviews I have done for this series, then you will already know that I am a fan. That being said, I can’t recommend these books more highly. If you love drama, action, intrigue and sex, then you will love these books. Give them a go; you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Author: Al Kalar
The Hottest Chick in Science Fiction

From a scared kid to the hottest (in more ways than one) gunner in the fleet, Onja Pederson is a dangerous, knock-down-sexy, heroin that kept me glued to the story.

And her pilot / boyfriend, ain't too bad either.

Good guys, bad guys, sadists, love, hate, fear. Bowers is the master of them all.

Note: I work for the publisher, but I can say anything I want, so take it for what it's worth.

Author: Mary Elizabeth Fricke
Sophia's Tears! (Spoiler Alert!)

So I read The Fighter Queen Saga in chronological order and by the time I reached the final book, The Fighter Queen, I wanted satisfaction. I wanted to see that Federation-Syrian war won by the Federation. I wanted to see retribution given where it was due and mountains of punishment heaped on those who deserved it. Primarily, having seen Onja loose her two greatest loves and her father, I wanted her to find her mother and sister. I wanted Onja to be given some measure of peace.

I am rating The Fighter Queen with five stars because it met all of my expectations and desires as well as delivers a superb ending. Plus, it threw in a few unexpected twists and delightful surprises with plenty of action throughout.

However, it is my personal opinion that John Bowers' most spectacular writing is contained in A Vow to Sophia and Star Marine. While each of the five books of the saga are individual stories, so much is left out when a person only reads one of them. I fully believe those who read The Fighter Queen without first reading the other stories will ask themselves questions like: 'Why was Johnny Lincoln so great?' What's the story behind Oliver Lincoln III? What's the whole history between Onja and Ursula? Why do they both hate Jack Hinds? And so, seeking 'the rest of the story' they will continue to read the other four books.

I see The Fighter King and The Sword of Sophia as the prelude; the beginning of a horrific scenario that sparks a multi-planetary war. One planet, inhabited by people who possess no moral or ethical code, no appreciation for the unique races of mankind and no respect for women are a people hell bent on overtaking and ruling the entire galaxy with no forethought that anyone would dare retaliate against them. A Vow to Sophia and Star Marine are the crescendo in which the true emotions of all the characters are ripped wide open for the reader to absorb, to feel and appreciate…or hate. The Fighter Queen is that final hurdle which pulls it all together to a truly splendid climax where once again good triumphs over evil and the primary characters can hope to live happily ever after.

Author: Fred Hernandez
And in the End… The Fighter Queen

A suitable ending.

The war is winding down and things are starting to change.

The past is starting to catch up with our friends and foe…Some get their rewards, some pay their dues and friends are reunited.

Onja is teamed up with yet another pilot, one she has known from his beginning of time.

It was like going to a family reunion and having your questions answered…It was a true suitable ending for all.

Author: Sam White
The finale in John Bower\'s Fighter Queen Saga is a gripping, stirring novel of war, love, loss, suffering and retribution as the intergalactic war with Sirius comes to a end.

The futuristic, interplanetary setting--where Earth has been renamed \"Terra\"--has the Galactic Federation fighting a very long war with the Planet Sirius, whose people are redneck Nazis who oppress and murder anyone different. Their champion is Onja Kvoorik, an ace gunner from the planet Vega and former slave girl whose life\'s mission is to rescue to her scattered family and kill as many Sirians as possible along the way. Wanting to join her is Johnny Lincoln II, the son of Onja\'s dear friend and pilot (and lover), who wants to follow in his father\'s footsteps in being a great pilot and hero. He\'s inherited his father\'s incredible flight skills and has grown up flying all kinds of flying machines and conditions. Unfortunately, he\'s also fairly brash and cocky, putting his career in danger before it properly start. Meanwhile, Onja is starting to waver in her cause. The War\'s been going on a very long time, she\'s lost several comrades, her skills aren\'t quite as good as they used to be, and she fears dying before she can find her family or that it may be too late. While we root for them, we realize they may very well not reach their goals...

The plot also puts the focus on other characters in the Federation as they to are put through trials dealing with the Sirians. Bowers does a very good of makeing use know and care for--and sometimes dislike--these people as fate either comes to their aid or makes the situation worse in a war that\'s as harsh and brutal as any that took place in ancient times.

Bowers has writes exhilarating action scenes that literally put you in the middle of the chaos or creates gripping suspense as characters have to wait out a battle from a safe place. He also throw in some deep moments to make the characters--and us--really think about actions and their consequences during war and off the battlefield.

My chief complaint stems from a plot twist that unfortunately ends up being a red herring. I won\'t give it away, but, well...it felt wholly unnecessary in the long run.

If you want an exciting, riveting science fiction story that\'ll hook you from start to finish, look no further than \"The Fighter Queen\" and the other books in its series!

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