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AKW books :: Fiction :: That Which is Human

That Which is Human
That Which is Human
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2009 Novel of the Year"Plenty of hard core action for the military sci-fi fan" -Red Haircrow

The war with the Rilz is pushing humanity to its limits and Intruder pilot Lt. Alan 'Mac' McAllister and his flying partner 'Ivan' Ivchenko are in the thick of the fighting. Battling the Lizards is bad enough, but fighting a planet full of rebel humans tests their friendship and Mac's integrity as a Naval pilot. But the biggest test for Mac is maintaining his own sanity in the face of a creeping dependence on the electronic link that allows him to fly the most advanced combat spacecraft ever devised. When a vicious counter attack by the Rilz places the lives of his ex-wife and her new family in harms way, he must set aside that which is still human within him in a final showdown with mankind's most implacable enemy.

A great military space opera. High science fiction action and adventure.

90,000 words. Equivalent to 337 pages in a mass market paperback.

Rated "PG-13"


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Author Bruce Davis
Audience Rating PG-13
Price: $2.99



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Customer Reviews

Author: V.McKinnon
Ahhh, finally, one of those books you literally can't put down until you've finished reading the entire tale.

Author: Al Philipson
Just what I like. Lots of action and a plot that keeps me riveted. The aliens are well handled, not the usual reptile stereotypes and the main character has the usual problems many people might face when launched into combat.

Davis hit another home run.

Author: John Bowers
Combine a naval officer, a trauma surgeon, a science fiction author, and what do you get? Bruce Davis, who writes convincingly of combat, tactics, injuries, and recovery.

That Which Is Human is much more than a war story; it’s a tale of desperate sacrifice in the face of impossible odds…an enemy who seeks your extinction. When Lt. Mac McAllister tries to balance a personal life with a military emergency, something has got to give. His wife’s career surrounds her with anti-war pacifists, and she just doesn’t see the urgency in Mac’s work. When reality finally dawns on her, everyone she loves is threatened, and she turns to Mac to save them.

But is it too late?

That Which Is Human is powerfully relevant to current events. A must read for everyone.

Author: Ben Brown
That Which is Human is more than just a great Sci-Fi book, it’s a great book full stop!
Although this story is set in the future and in outer space, it is not the main focus of the book. The reader could just as easily believe that the events are taking place on board an aircraft carrier serving in the Gulf today. The gritty and realistic terminology used by the author helps to pull the reader into the day to day life on Mac’s ship. The battles and the communications during these scenes are particularly good. The reader has an almost voyeuristic view of the battles as they unfold. This type of detailed writing brings to mind the footage from Desert Storm. I could picture every maneuver, as if I were watching the grainy footage from the battle front itself. It is this realism that makes this tale such an enjoyable and exciting read. However, this book has far more to say about how a man deals with sacrifice, loss, duty and addiction than it does about blowing up aliens. I am sure there are many men, and women serving today, who struggle with the same issues as Mac.
Bruce Davis has won himself a new fan with this book. If you’re a Sci-Fi fan, or not, you need to read, That Which is Human.

Author: Al Kalar
A great book for space opera junkies like me.

I love space operas. I admit it. Probably comes from my childhood when I was hooked on “horse operas”. The little boy grew up and his tastes matured, but deep down inside me is the desire for action set in a location that’s “different” from the small college town in which I grew up.

That Which is Human answers that call. Lots of action. A hero that’s not perfect and has to change to meet his challenges and an enemy that’s believable (not green men from Mars, but truly alien beings with different values and clulture).

Mac is a flawed version of “Maverick” from “Top Gun” without the cockiness. Maverick was addicted to high speed. Mac has his own addiction and it’s much harder to deal with than the desire for a fast joyride.

The solution to all his problems is something I didn’t see coming.

Bruce Davis is a true master of the science fiction genre, and one of the most flexible. His worlds and characters are all unique. Each book or series is totally different, from Mac’s military world, to Tito’s problems as a dwarf (“Queen Mab Courtesy”), to M’bell’s difficulties of making a profit while nipping at the edge of the law (“Thieves Profit” series). They’re all different and all superb examples of the craft.

Author: Sam White
The title works two fold. It not only refers to how soldiers should put aside all fear, doubt and guilt to get the job done, but also refers to the more personal matters to hero Mac. He has a device implanted in his head that allows him to stream data from various computers and eletronics directly into his brian and eyes, lets him control "Basilisk" fighter drones with his mind, and some surprising uses that pop up later in. However, when used incorrectly it can be used as a drug that allows people to turn off the world and lose themselves "in the link". This leads to several unfortunate side effects, cheifly supressing emotions to the point where one just doesn't care or feel. Not only does Mac depend on his data link for missions and battles, but he uses it as an escape after several tragedies, both on and off the battlefeild. This threatens his very humanity while making him a better soldier as he struggles to find a balance between the two worlds.

For a story set in the distant future, it often feels like it's only a few years away. Old fashioned bullets and missles are used more often than various lasers (it even almost sounds like the aliens' weaponry isn't much more advanced than ours). There's an impressive amount of military jargon (though I was a little confused at first) that would make you think this is a war in the real world. And while there are spaceships of varying size and ability, flying cars, and holographic imagery, it never gets too fantastical and stays rather down to earth, which some might find ironic, but I found that to be the books' greatest strength. A prime example is the alien Rilz. We really don't get to see them most of the time and even when they're around we don't get a very clear description other than that they're reptilian. This helps make them mysterious and scary; almost faceless. Which in turns makes them enigmatic, ever threatening antagonists in a war that's all about kill or be killed.

This is qiute possibly the most grounded sci-fi epic you'll ever read. And I mean that in the best way possible. If they could figure out how to visualize elements like the various ways Mac uses the data link and how it "reaches out" to him & affects his emotions, it would probably make a really good movie or big budgeted TV Mini-Series. And I'd gladly watch.

Author: Fred Hernandez
That Which is Human was a great read. It was more than a war story set in the future, it was a story of a man dealing with, addiction, a loss of family and a loss of feelings.

Lt. McAllister is not only at war with the Rilz, he is at times… emotionless and guarded…almost at war with himself.

He is fighting an enemy that is bent on eliminating all other species. Does he succeed? Does he find inner peace? You need to read to find out. I highly recommend this book.

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